Founded in 1994 by a group of couriers and messengers, the Association of Couriers and Messageries of Quebec (ACMQ) has set itself the mission of:

  • Publicize the industry's share of the Québec economy.
  • Enhance the image of this industry by developing a serious and professional code of ethics.
  • Recognition of government messenger status as subcontractors.

For more than 20 years, the ACMQ has ensured that the rules and conditions of work applicable to subcontractors of the various member companies are respected. In addition, the Association remains on the lookout for any new changes in legislation and / or changes to the mail and courier industry and ensures that its members are notified of compliance .
In order to better serve members and advance the ACMQ as a recognized association, it is imperative to:

  • Recruit new members to increase the power to act and negotiate when necessary.
  • Explore the possibility of negotiating agreements with dedicated suppliers, which could benefit all members.
  • Ensure good communication with all levels of government.


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